Healing Room Testimonies

We thank God for his faithfulness and the steadfast ministry of the team members in all of the Healing Rooms. "Bless the Lord oh my soul and forget none of his benefits, who pardons iniquities. Who heals all diseases!"

Breakthrough Healing Rooms

01 2017

I came having a lot of mental clutter that was holding me down. I knew when I came that there wasn’t going to be any condemnation or shame placed on me. I was taken back to a room where three prayer warriors quickly brought the issue to light. I was majorly set free and had a love encounter that I never experienced before. Thank you, Jesus, for this mighty ministry.

A.J. – Hagerstown, MD – USA

Healing in His Wings Breakthrough 2013

07 2013

Thank you!!!   Healing in His Wings Conference was more than Dave and I expected.  We enjoy coming to the DC area for healing training for several years now.   All the conferences we have attended were most helpful. Ken Fish did a spectacular job of getting the  scriptures matched up with application.  Great time to  practice and also to see another person's scripture discernment.  Thanks again for all you do to make  the IAHR even better!   Julia

Week following Healing in His Wings 2013

07 2013

Two people gave their lives to Jesus this past Saturday and received deliverance and healing; the first woman was so eager to get saved, when we asked if she needed healing, she said “yes, but I want to be saved also”…the fish are jumping into the nets.  Kathy, Director Healing Rooms of Washington DC

Comment on Healing in His Wings

07 2013

Fantastic conference. Really enjoyed it! I am incredibly grateful for all that everyone did to make it happen.  Thanks so much!  Sarah

Healing in His Wings Breakthrough 2013

07 2013

Healing in His Wings –Breakthrough 2013 was a real breakthrough.   In several of the meetings the presence of the Lord moved through the room.   The smell of cinnamon and other fragrances impacted the senses while others felt his manifest presences.  His presence was tangible and the results were incredible as Jesus the Healer moved sovereignly and through the hands and words of those ministering.  People were healed physically, spiritually, emotionally and many were set free from oppressing spirits as Holy Spirit moved through words of knowledge, discerning of spirits and many other manifestations of power.  The ministry followed powerful teaching from the Word by Ken Fish on the Kingdom of Earth, Authority to Heal, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Deliverance.


Here are some comments.


Thank you so much for hosting this weekend's Healing in His Wings Conference.  It was amazing and powerful.  What a blessing!   I feel as though I was at an 'All You Can Eat' spiritual banquet feast and ate as much as I possibly could and I am still digesting and processing all the information.  It certainly nourished my whole being.  This was also a very strategic time for our team to come be a part of it.  Robin


Thanks and God bless you and Tracy for all that you do for the kingdom.   We had an awesome time this past weekend and I am continuing to move forward under His power and anointing.  Tony


You know many have been interceding for a long time for the new sound to be released across our Nation.  I keep hearing the sound from last Saturday's ministry sessions. The Lord has been showing me that this is the new sound that will be heard across our country. The sound of the cries of His people as they are healed and set free. May all praise, honor and glory be given to Him!  Lori


I learned a lot, there was a lot to digest.  Thank you.  Terry


I was not able to attend any on Saturday but was so ministered to on Friday night.  I


Thanks for a tremendous time of ministry and fellowship this past weekend. You know how to throw a party!!  Bob

Healing from side pain

01 2013

Praise God for the Healing Rooms Ministry! I came into the soaking room with pain in my lower left side. As I left the soaking room the pain was leaving. As the team prayed I felt the presence of God move through my body and by the end of the prayer the pain was gone. I expect I will receive a good report from my doctor. Praise be to God!

I have been set free!

01 2013

Today I have been set free from the stronghold of unworthness, guilt, and shame. The Lord has blessed me and I feel safe, secure, and confident. Thank you God! I have been set free and I am whole in Him!

Healed of chest pain and Morton Neuroma

01 2013

I was healed of acute chest pain and morton neuroma. (Inflammation of the ball of the foot)

Foot Better.  Body Strengthened! 

01 2013

My foot is better! My body feels better and every day I get stronger! By His stripes we are healed! Alan

Pain Gone.  Body Healed! 

01 2013

I have experienced a pain on the lower left side of my torso since December. I was prayed for today and God healed me!  The pain and I believe the issue is gone!  I will confirm with my Doctor…but I know the pain is gone and God healed my entire body.  I am whole and healed. Thanks God.